A downloadable game for Windows


You're a knight with an axe. There's some demons in a castle nearby. You don't like demons - in fact, you could say you have DEMON DREAD.

Made by one guy for fun and educational purposes.

Available on Windows.

Created in C++ with the SFML framework, levels made with Tiled, art assets made with MS Paint, sounds and music are not mine.


  • Movement - WASD
  • Jump - Space bar
  • Attack - 'K' key, hold to perform a charged attack
  • Subweapon - Up + Attack
  • Toggle Fullscreen - F10

You can also use a gamepad if you prefer. I used a 360 pad but it should work with anything.

If you encounter any issues running the game please refer to the readme file, and if your problem isn't addressed there let me know in the comments.

Be warned, this is my first game.

Version 1.1 released

This update addresses some of the game's unfairness, by toning down some of the more frustrating enemies. Additionally the location of hidden goodies (lives/health items) have been marked by cracked walls to be easier noticed. Version 1.0 will still be available if you for whatever reason still want that.


DemonDread-win32-1.1.zip 7 MB
DemonDread-win64-1.1.zip 7 MB
DemonDread-win32-1.0.zip 7 MB


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64bit version plz


you got it

Thank you friend <3